Company Profile

Our Mission

At McGuffey & Associates, we strive to provide, timely reports, quality information and good customer service.  We know that our customers include not only our direct customers but the agents and insured's as well.  We strive to make the audit and inspection process as smooth and painless as possible. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.


Products and Services
We can provide physical audits and inspections as well as virtual, phone or mail audits and phone inspections as well.


Company Profile
The company was started in 2000 . We have steadily added clients, field auditors, inspectors, phone auditors and field loss control representatives as needed to keep up with the growth. Our office staff has expanded as well.  Over the years, the goal has been to provide a good quality product at a competitive price. 

In addition to the 6 states wedirectly service, we can provide service through associated vendors nationwide.